Those of us with current or historic ties to the Gulf of Mexico have experienced a wide range of emotions over the past several months.

The emotional roller coaster ridden by my friends and colleagues has ranged from rage, deep sorrow, shocking disbelief, horror, cynicism, and just plain pissed off to name a few that come to mind as I sit here at my computer this afternoon.

While there’s good news coming from the wellsite here of late, there are mountains of questions yet to be answered about the impacts of the disaster.   Most of the folks that we talk to on a more or less daily basis about the Gulf think that both BP and the feds are full of crap and not to be trusted on their best day.

Yet this weekend we again saw proof that there is reason to have hope for the Gulf even today.

Growing up in Texas with family property near Matagorda beach memories of the Ixtoc well disaster in 1979 weren’t all that deeply buried in memory, and yes, parts of the Texas coast were a friggin’ mess back then.

Texas beaches and bayous have been for the most part spared (so far) in the current disaster; yep – we’re lucky and we know it, and we’re thankful.

Fishing near Rockport over the weekend we saw a vibrant bay ecosystem with a lot of hungry residents – including the fair sized redfish that Jake lucked into and Jess at Fire Girl Photography recorded with her Canon.

Don’t count the Gulf of Mexico out of the game just yet…..

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