We’ve been playing a bit of catch up around the Dry Fly Media headquarters since returning from a run to Colorado on Saturday.

Besides trying to lay the hustle, bustle and commercial distractions of the holiday season behind us, different folks on the team have been pounding the hours at real life jobs that seem busier than ever this time of year.  (Retail work can be a killer anytime; during the holidays it can seem like slow torture.)

Personally I like this time of year as it brings a sense of closure (sometimes) to the previous year and there’s a sense of new opportunity brewing as we look to next year.

One of the projects that has been pushed to the back burner the last few months has been sorting through and processing the year’s images and videos, cleaning them up, tweaking here and there, forming collections, fine tuning metadata and catalogues – the list could go on and on.

If you’re a photographer or videographer and like to keep your images / vids well organized and catalogued, you know what a time consuming undertaking enterprise this can be.

Jake’s still pounding through the video editing of the new Rivers in Motion work we shot this fall;  I was in his office about ten days ago helping with some preliminary editing and the footage does look amazing.

I’ve most recently been working on sorting through this quarter’s several thousand images I need to process, and am starting to pull together a few collections that reflect what we like here at Dry Fly Media.  Here’s a new one up today we’re calling River Ice….

We’ve posted it over on Chi Wulff today as well, and written a bit about our never-ending fascination with water – particularly moving water – but water in all its forms.

These images were shot in and around the Greater Yellowstone area over the past year;  all were captured on Canon 5DM2s and processed in Lightroom more often than Photoshop.

Winter on the river is often inhospitable but certainly no less beautiful than the bright summer days.

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