Announcing what should be one of our most fun projects for the season – The Drive.

Two fly fishermen.

A 1983 CJ7 with a top road speed of 45 mph, no working gas gauge and a soft top coming apart the the seams.

Almost 2100 miles of open road from Montana to Texas.

Two weeks to do it.

The 11 Commandments for The Drive:

  • Thou shall fish every day.
  • Thou shall strive to fish every fishable water en route.
  • Thou shall treasure smaller waters.
  • Thou shall treasure native fish.
  • Thou shall drive no more than 15o miles per day.
  • Thou shall recordĀ  only HD video.
  • Thou shall drive only on back roads.
  • Thou shall not push the Jeep beyond 45 miles per hour.
  • Thou shall seek out local expertise, fly shops and good fellowship.
  • Thou shall not discharge thy firearms unless absolutely necessary.
  • Thou shall survive without a radio in the jeep.

More blathering about the project here on Chi Wulff.

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