Tempus fugit.

On one hand it seems almost incomprehensible that our last post here on the Dry Fly Media blog was not quite seven months ago. Time flies when you’re having fun, and given the daily (more or less anyway) blog fodder that we post over on Chi Wulff  (the official blog of Dry Fly Media and friends) we haven’t wandered over here to blather that often.

The majority of our DFM team has been down in Texas doing some decidedly real world (and not fly fishing) related work since June of 2010; we’ve enjoyed our stay in the Lone Star State and the South, though we’re more than ready to get back to home country.

Though our timeline isn’t set in stone right now we should be back  home by May of this year and are already lining up our projects for the season.

Speaking of projects, literally the morning of the day Jake and I were to head north to Bozeman to start the final preparation for ‘The Drive’ I suffered a tibial plateau fracture and meniscal tear (knee).  Went ahead and left, arriving back home in Bozeman some 28 hours later, though by that time I was hobbled enough to be useless and after some spirited gnashing of teeth we tabled ‘The Drive’ for another time and probably another set of fishing destinations.

Jake managed to get some fishing in nonetheless.

The months in Texas have brought much more commercial work to the shop than we’d anticipated and we’re incredibly anxious to get back home, get back on the rivers and creeks and capture images and video related to the fly fisher’s world.

We have several very interesting projects that we’ll be talking about here and on Chi Wulff, including a long planned and anticipated (by us) small stream – native fish feature film that we’ll shoot this season in the northern Rockies.

Hope your winter season is going well and that you’re getting needed work done and flies tied.

See you in the north country.



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