Digital publishing is here to stay. The tools available to produce media-rich, consumer and reader friendly, easily distributable and ecologically responsible media are robust and plentiful.

We’re very pleased to be currently (Fall 2016) be working on several digital publishing projects.

The Paspartu ProjectTPP-Announce-280-Widget

Late April 2014 we began work the world’s first fly fishing dedicated, long form story site – The Paspartu Project. The long form format offers an array of possibility frankly unmatched by current digital flip magazine technology and even by traditional print magazines. The first issue is expected to drop the end of Q1 2016.

Hunting Magazine Project

We have a hunting magazine project currently in development with the inagural issue to be published in the Fall of 2014. The digital magazine will focus on fair-chase, adventure style hunting in the northern Rockies.

Swing the Fly / The Voice of Spey

We were very fortunate to serve as the publisher of Swing the Fly magazine (digital) for its first year (four issues); as of April 2014 we’ve transitioned the project’s entire management to editor Zack Williams given the demands of The Paspartu Project. We wound up our administrative involvement 1 June 2014 and wish the Swing the Fly team all the best after their great start.

Other Digital Asset Applications

There are a host of additional applications that fit hand in glove with ever-expanding digital publishing technologies, including annual reports, store catalogues, content-rich newsletters and much, much more.