DFM_GalPondsDry Fly Media is pleased to offer a wide array of web services, including web design and hosting, web-based marketing and ecommerce solutions.

We cater first and foremost to outdoor and fly fishing related businesses, though over the past several years have designed and now manage web sites for many others in the business world, including professionals working in photojournalism, interior design and land / real estate acquisition and sales to name a few.

What started off as a side-line to manage our own web related needs pushed our team to pursue specialized training in creating and managing web assets. We’ve been diligent pupils in the school of hard knocks and have pursued insightful training along the way, as well as input from colleagues with great expertise in many different areas.

The web continues to evolve at a pace that is staggering; there are tools available today that were just a gleam in a software engineer’s eye three years ago and there’s an avalanche of new software, approaches and ideas flowing down around us every single day.

Don’t be left behind.

You need a web presence that is unique among your peers or competitors, remarkable, richly informative and easy to navigate. Dry Fly Media can help you translate your web vision into operative reality.

Web Design and Hosting

Our team has grown to favor the WordPress tools to serve as a content management system for most web portals we’ve designed. WordPress is robustly featured,  immensely popular, free, easy to learn and for the most part simple to maintain.

There are a host of themes and customizations available; over the years we’ve built the majority of sites using either the Thesis or Pagelines frameworks.

Dry Fly Media offers an in-house hosting option (via Hostgator for most sites) and are very conversant with current optimal outside hosting options.


Design, development and management of an eCommerce site can be a daunting undertaking; we’re here to help from the smallest project to large fully-featured and robust stores. Members of our team have been involved in a number of projects, the largest currently being a 5ooo+ SKU online store portal for a brick and mortar retail establishment.

Our favored vendors at this time are Magento for smaller projects and CommerceV3 for larger, more complex portals.

Free Consultation

Sometimes options for website development and management are simply overwhelming. Don’t let than happen to you. We’re happy to sit down and consult with you in person or via Skype to review your needs and vision – the most important components of the entire creative process. Only after understanding what you need can a designer offer you the optimal solution for your website. Don’t accept a cookie-cutter approach.